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Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Boozhoo! Welcome to the language blog. Please feel free to join our site as a member and create conversation and/or request to write for the language blog. :) Please be aware that everything posted on this site is for sharing and educational use, not commercial use. We say this out of respect for the speakers who've generously shared freely with us and given us permission to share stories and information. We also say this out of respect for their families.



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Bawa’ami-jiimaan Narration by Niizhoo-Bines Arnold Kingbird Gaa-aanikebii’ang Zac Earley Haaw mewinzha owe gete anishinaabebaniig owe gii-izhichigepaniig mewinzha. Ishkwaaj ge- niin gaa-pi-noondawagw

Eko niizhing Lesson 2

Gaa- asigisidood Zac Earley Ikido-s/he says + ban tense (past tense marker “used to”) Ikido-vai- s/he says Nishkaadizi- vai-s/he is mad Maajitaa-vai- s/he starts Mayagitaagwad-vii- It sounds strange D

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