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Manidoo Ogitigaan is a grassroots Native organization that began with Ponemah Elder Larry Stillday  (Chi-Ma'iingaaniban) and his We'eh, and adopted daughter, Nenookaasii (K.E. Grenier). It began as a dream and vision 10 years ago. The organization came to fruition with help from a group of community members who serve the people. We pursued 501C3 status to increase access to cultural and language resources for community members and to build our capacity to help others who serve the community through traditional teachings. Manidoo Ogitigaan became incorporated in March 2018, and received 501C3 status in July of 2018. We are a Native American Nonprofit Organization led by community members and based in Bemidji, Minnesota. We work to strengthen Ojibwe Language and cultural knowledge, community organizing efforts, and improve access to resources for Native community members in our region. We also work on social and environmental justice issues that are directly connected to our values and way of life.


Wiigwaasi-Jiimaan Build hosted by Obaashiing University and led by Kevin Finney and his build team 2019

Larry Stillday and K.E. Grenier

Indigenous Chef Vince Johnson and partner Cassandra Wittlieff

Co-Director Zac Earley

Obaashiing Youth in the Jiimaan

Our Mission

"The mission of Manidoo Ogitigaan is to work with our communities to preserve and revitalize the Spiritual knowledge, language, culture, and lifeways of the Anishinaabeg to improve our health and the health of our ecological family."

Our Mission
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Corey and Lana Whitefeather

Art by Zac Earley

Our Vision

We strive for a healthy, vibrant community now and for generations to come. We envision a future where the Ojibwe language flourishes, and our world-view shapes our actions and influences the world around us in a positive way. We think seven generations ahead; our actions now will leave a legacy for our children and grandchildren. 

Beadwork images from the Cultural Objects Collection at the Smithsonian
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