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Eko niizhing Lesson 2

Gaa- asigisidood Zac Earley

Ikido-s/he says + ban tense (past tense marker “used to”)

Ikido-vai- s/he says

Nishkaadizi- vai-s/he is mad

Maajitaa-vai- s/he starts

Mayagitaagwad-vii- It sounds strange

Daa- vai- S/he lives in a place.

Wiijiw-vta- help him/her -join him/her

moonenim-vta-blame him or her- accuse him/her

Anaamim-vta- blame him or her (by speech)

Gaawiin wiikaa- not ever

Noondaw- vta-hear someone

Noondan-vti- hear it.

misawaa adv gram even though; no matter what; even if

onji'idiwag vai they forbid each other; they tell each other not to do something

Maawanji’idiwag- they are meeting with each other.

Naazikaw-vta- approach him/her

gaawiin ganage adv man not in the least; in no way; not even

dajise-s/he is held up by other events or plans, "late"


1.) Ningii-ikidonaaban- I had said (I used to say)

Mii iwidi Gakaabikaang gii taayaambaan, "Wayiiba go ni-wii ni-aanjigoz ” Ningii-ikidonaaban.

When I used to live in Minneapolis, "I want to move soon." I used to say.

2.) Gigii-ikidonaaban- you had said

"Nindaa gii saagijiwebinaaban aw gaawashkwebiid.” Gigii-ikidonaaban.

"I should kick that drunk out of here." You used to say.

3.) Gii-ikidoban- s/he had said

Daga shke goda ani-maajitaadaa! Giga dajisemin! gii-ikidoban Waasabiikweyiban.

Come on now lets get started! We are going to be late. (Held up by other things/plans that have to be done.)

Giga dajishinimin- We are going to be late.

4.) Gaawiin nind ikidosi- I dont say

Gaawiin wiikaa nind ikidosi iw nishkaadiziyaan.

I dont ever say that when im mad.

5.) Gaawiin gid ikidosii- you dont say

Gaawiin onjida gidikidosii.- You dont say it on purpose

6.) Gaawiin ina wiikaa gid ikidosi ow.?

Dont you ever say this?

7.) Gaawiin ikidosi misawaa gii inind ji- wiindamaaged. -S/he doesnt say even though he's told to explain.

8.) Gaawiin wiikaa ikidosii.

Gaawiin wiikaa ikidosii iw misawaa go gikendam .-She doesnt ever say it even though he knows.

9.) Gaawiin ikidosiim- It is not said

Gaawiin ikidosiim, onji’idim. _ It is not said, it is forbidden.

10,) Gaawiin nind ikidosiimin.

Gaawiin nind ikidosiimin,, misawaa go ingikendaamin iw ekidong.- We dont say it even though we know what is said.

11.) Gaawiin gid ikidosiimin- We dont say.

Gaawiin gid-ikidosiimin iw onji’idim. We dont say that. It is forbidden.

12.) Gaawiin ikidosiwag- They dont say

Gaawiin ikidosiwag onji’idiwag. They dont say that, they forbid each other.

13.) Gaawiin nind-ikidosiinaaban- I didnt say that.

Gaawiin wiikaa nind ikidosiinaaban iko.

I never said that before.

14.) Gaawiin gid ikidosiinaaban- You didnt say.

Mii wenji-gikendanziwaan, onzaam gaawin gid ikidosiinaaban. The reason I dont know is because you didnt say that before.

15.) Gaawiin wiikaa gid-ikidosiinaaban iw. Mayagitaagwad i’iw.. You never used to say that it sounds strange.

16.) Gaawiin ikidosiibaniig- they didnt say

Gaawiin ikidosiibaniig mewinzha. They didnt say that long ago.

17.) Gaawiin nind ikidosiiminaaban- we didnt say (exclusive)

Gaawiin ganage nind ikidosiiminaaban.- We didnt ever say that at all.

18.) Gaawiin gid ikidosiiminaaban- We didnt say (inclusive)

Gaawiin ina wiikaa gid ikidosiiminaaban? Did we ever say that before?

19.) Gaawiin gid ikidosiimwaaban- you all didnt say it.

Mii iw apii gii maajitaayegiban gaawiin gigii ikidosiimwaaban. When you guys started you didnt say that before.

20.) Gaawiin ikidosiibaniig- They didnt say it before.

Gaawiin ikidosiibaniig igi gete-Anishinaabeg. The old timers didnt say that.

21.) Gaawiin ningii-ikidosi- I didnt say it.

Gaawiin ningii-ikidosii iw gego anaamimishiken!

I didnt say it. Dont blame me!

22.) Gaawiin gigii-ikidosi- youn didnt say it

Gaawiin gigii ikidosii iw. Gaawiin gigii noondoosinoon awanjish gi moonenimigoog. You didnt say that. No I didnt hear you even though you are held in suspicion by them.

23.) Gaawiin gii-ikidosii- s/he didnt say.

Gaawiin gii- ikidosii, gaawiin nigii noondawaasii. He didnt say that. I didnt hear him.

24.) Gaawiin gii-ikidosiim- It wasnt said

Gaawiin nigii noondaziin iw gaawiin gii-ikidosiim iwidi maawanji’iding

25.) Gaawiin ningii ikidosiimin- We didnt say it.

Gaawiin ningii-ikidosiimin iw gii-pi naazikawiyangid aw ikwe. We didnt say it when the girl came up to us.

26.) Gaawiin gigii-ikidosiimin- we didnt say it.

Gaawiin gigii-ikidosiimin gegoo. We didnt say anything.

27.) Gaawin gii-ikidosiim- It wasnt said.

Gaawiin gii-ikidosiim iw imaa maawanji’iding. It was not said or mentioned at the meeting.

28.) Gaawiin gii-ikidosiwag- they didnt say.

Gaawiin gii-ikidosiwag gegoo. They didnt say anything.

29.) Gaawiin ningii-ikidosinaaban-I had not said that before.

Gaawiin gegoo ningii-ikidosinaaban iw apii gii-wiijiiwagwaaban. I didnt say anything when I helped them before.

30.) Gaawiin gigii-ikidosiinaaban- you had not said

Gaawiin gigii ikidosiinaaban gii-waabandaman iw gaa-izhiwebak.

You didnt say what you saw that happend.

31.) Gaawiin gii-ikidosiiban- he did not say.

Gaawiin igo gegoo gii-ikidosiiban iw apii gii taad imaa.

He didnt say anything when he lived there.

*References; Baragas Ojibwe grammar/ Ojibwe peoples dictionary

Anna C. Gibbs, personal communication

Brendan Fairbanks, personal communication

(All typos or grammar mistakes are mine)

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