About the ozones

By Anna Gibbs

retranscribed by Zac Binesi dagoshin

Obanaajitoonaawaa wenji-bimaadiziyang miinawaa wenji-bagidanaamoyang.

Bagwaneyaawan. Mii owe wenji-izhi ayaamagak giizisoong.

Giizisoog chi-daki'ayaawag. Giizhoozowag gaye.

Awesiiyag jiishi'aawag miinawaa binesiwag. Bakaan izhinaagwadoon giizisoog gikinoonowin.

Apane izhinizha'amowaad manidoo biiwaabik wii-kikendamowaad chi-ishpiming wenji-izhi naagwak. Aaniin gaye anangoog wenji-izhi naagoziwaad.

Aanakadaash noongom zhayigwa naaningodinong goon abi ani-niibing.

Naaningodinong gimiwan ani-biboong. Weweni gii-kizhibaabideg akii bakaan ani-ipidemagad.

They are destroying the ozones where we get life and breathe from. It has holes in them. This is why the months are like they are. They go from cold to hot. The animals and birds are fooled. The months are different each year.

They are always sending science equipment to know why things look they way they do. Why the stars look the way they do.

This is why today sometimes there is snow on the ground in summer and why its sometimes raining in winter. The earth used to turn on its course. Now it turns off course.

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