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The Unhappy Lovers

Updated: May 21, 2019

An old time tragic love story from Redlake. It was told to De Josselin de Jong through Dictation and published in 1913 in Odjibwe texts.

1.) Aabiding gaa-izhiwebiziwagobaniig bwaanag gaye peoria anishinaabeg, aapiji gii- zhingenindiwag.

At one time it was how they must have been the Dakota and Ojibwe They really hated each other.

2.) Jiigi-zaaga’igan dash gii-taawag dedibishkoodagaam igo.

They lived near the lake on each side of the shore from each other.

3.) Bezhig dash a’aw peoria oshkiniigikwe ogii-minwenimaan iniw bwaanan.

This one Ojibwe girl liked this Dakota.

4.) Wenji-mooka’ang gii-izhinikaazo a’aw oshkiniigikwe.

The young womans name was Wenji-mooka’ang.

5.)Gaa-izhi giizhaakonigewaad ningoji-wii-izhaawaad.

They decided to go somewhere together.

6.) Aabiding dash megwaa ningoji izhaanid iniw oniigi’igoon a’aw oshkiniigikwe gaa-bi izhi giimoojiwinigod iniw obashazheman.

One time tho while the parents of the young girl had gone somewhere, she was stolen away by her sweet heart (whip).

7. Gaa-izhi gikendaminid a’aw mooshkinegaabaw iniw odinawemaaganan gaawiin dash ogii-pagidinigosiin ji-bi izhiwinaad iniw ikwewan imaa endaawaad onji-i’iw zhingenindiwaad.

8. After the relatives of the man found out they didnt let him bring the woman to where they lived because they hated each other. (The Dakota and Ojibwe)

9.) Gaawiin dash ogii-pagidinigosiin ji-bi aazhawa’owaad iwidi endaawaad a’aw ikwe iniw oniigi’igoon.

But they werent permitted to travel back over water where they lived by the womans parents.

10.) Miidash igo zaaga’iganing gii-ayaawag jiimaaning. Gaawiin gii-pagidinaasiwag ji-giiwewaad gaa-aapiji nishkaadizinid iniw oniigi’igowaan.

Ands so they were there on the lake in the canoe. They werent permitted to go home by the angry parents.

11.) Gaa-izhi gichi nishkaadog miidash imaa gaa-daapinewaad.

Then there must have been a big storm and they capsized and died.

12.) Ishkwaaj idash bi-ombishkaawaad nayenzh gaa-izhi noondaagoziwaad.

The last time they both came up making a certain call.

13.) Mii sa apane noondamiing gii-noondaagoziwaad imaa Peoria.

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