Nind ikid -I say

Gid ikid- you say

Ikido- s/he says

Ikidom- It is said / There is a "saying."

Nind ikidomin- We say it.

Gid ikidomin- We say it.

Ikidowag- They say it.

Nind ikidonaaban- I used to say it.

Gid ikidonaaban- You used to say it.

Ikidoban- S/he said

Nind ikidominaaban- We formely said it.

Gid ikidominaaban-We used to say it.

Gid ikidomwaaban- You all said it.

Ikidobaniig- They used to say it,

Ikidobaneg- They used to say it. (Ponemah)

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