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Niin naa wiin

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Me and him

By Anna Gibbs

Gii-abinoojiiyiwiyaang niin naa wiin nishiime, ni miigaadimin iko, ni-mamaazhi'ig apane. Gaa-zhi biindigenaazhikawag waaka'iganing, nigii-o-debibinaa gagwejimag: "Aaniin dash wenji-izhi-yan odikoomiyaan?"

Ni nakwetawaa wiin: aaniish naa gi-doodikom!

When we were young my youngest brother and I were fighting and he was getting the best of me. I chased him inside of the house. I went and caught him and asked him: Why do You say I have bugs? You have bugs!

Abinoojiiyiwi- vai- s/he is a child'

apane-pc-always, continually

-shiimey-nad- younger brother

nishiime- my younger brother

miigaazh- vta- fight s.o

mamaazhi'-vta- raise hell with s.o/ do harm to someone.

biindigenaazhikaw -vta- chase s.o inside

waaka'igan-ni- house

debibizh -vta- catch him/her

gagwejim -vta-ask him/her

aaniin- pc- how? why? In what way?

dash-pc -and,also,but

onji-pv3- for a certain reason,because,from a certain place


izhi-vta-say to s.o ,tell s.o

odikomi-vai- s/he has lice

nakwetaw-vta- reply to someone

aaniish- well then

naa-pc emphatic particle/ see! look here

gaa-izhi-and then

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Ganabaj gaa ozhisijigaadeg iwe apii gwayak gii izhiwebak, daabishkoo go noongom apii izhiwebak inaajimomwaadog.

I think after the time was set (gii abinoojiiyiwiyaang), it's like present time it's told.


Zac Earley
Zac Earley
Nov 25, 2018

I noticed in the story Anna did not use the "gii"past tense marker instead she keeps everything in present tense as she tells what has happend in the miigaadimin ...we fight. When nigii-miigaadimin we did fight also could have been used.

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