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Niin naa wiin

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Me and him

By Anna Gibbs

Gii-abinoojiiyiwiyaang niin naa wiin nishiime, ni miigaadimin iko, ni-mamaazhi'ig apane. Gaa-zhi biindigenaazhikawag waaka'iganing, nigii-o-debibinaa gagwejimag: "Aaniin dash wenji-izhi-yan odikoomiyaan?"

Ni nakwetawaa wiin: aaniish naa gi-doodikom!

When we were young my youngest brother and I were fighting and he was getting the best of me. I chased him inside of the house. I went and caught him and asked him: Why do You say I have bugs? You have bugs!

Abinoojiiyiwi- vai- s/he is a child'

apane-pc-always, continually

-shiimey-nad- younger brother

nishiime- my younger brother

miigaazh- vta- fight s.o

mamaazhi'-vta- raise hell with s.o/ do harm to someone.

biindigenaazhikaw -vta- chase s.o inside

waaka'igan-ni- house

debibizh -vta- catch him/her

gagwejim -vta-ask him/her

aaniin- pc- how? why? In what way?

dash-pc -and,also,but

onji-pv3- for a certain reason,because,from a certain place


izhi-vta-say to s.o ,tell s.o

odikomi-vai- s/he has lice

nakwetaw-vta- reply to someone

aaniish- well then

naa-pc emphatic particle/ see! look here

gaa-izhi-and then

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