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Aabiding gii-wiijiiwagiban Waasabiikweyiban

Zac Earley/ Binesi bi dagoshin


Mii ow gaa minjimendamaan iwe gosha aabiding gaa-inakamigiziyaang iw apii-gii izhaayaang iwidi Baawating. Waasabiikweyiban nigii-wiijiiwaanaaban.

This is what I remember one time when we were going to Sault St. Marie for an Ojibwe language conference. I was with Waasabiikwe-iban.

As we were driving along we kept meeting this man hitchhiking. We didn't stop because our vehicle was full there wasn't enough room. We would pass him up. Then about an hour later we would come across the same guy hitchhiking. Waasabiik kind of chuckled and she says: “ “Gidaazikaagonaan miinawaa ” We are being passed up again. He is beating us to the destination. Even though we are driving and he is walking.

As we were driving along lake superior in the Upper Peninsula in late March it was getting warm. She says; “ Aabawaagijiidiiyaanimad noongom” - It's a warm ass windy day today. Then she says : “ Abwediyegiizhigad” It's a sweaty butt day today.” It was a fun trip while riding with Anna she always had a comical phrase in Ojibwe or said something interesting. Here are some various phrases I caught and wrote down to remember from our car ride that time.

Zhaagiigamiiwan- The ice is clearing off the lake near the shore.

Mii gosha gegaa- Its almost close enough

Mii awe gaa-naagajitood- s/he is the one who knows how

Nepaajibide akii- The earth is spinning backwards

Aandakweshin- he puts his head to the other pillow (in reference to changing relationship)

Giin eta gid-inendiz- You just think of yourself

Apane go izhi-baninamaan gegoo- Im always dropping things

Mitose awegwen wiin eta? I wonder who that is walking by themselves?

Gigiikanashk- Your always secretly mad at me.

Mii go izhi dago miiziid gaagiigidod imaa zaaga’amoowigamigong- sh

/he is talking while going #2.

Ni bedaajise- I cant get enough eating.

Bedaajisemagad nimisad- My stomach cant get full

Mii go bimibideni odoon- his mouth is always running

Indoozitaawi- Im barely moving

Boogidiyeshin- when you give then take back (Waasabiik definition) Literally meaning farting while laying down.

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